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Ken Gardner


Ken Gardner was born in Springfield, Mo. in 1973. A late bloomer in writing, Ken didn’t begin until he was thirty. After graduating with his MFA in creative writing from the University of Southern Maine in 2018, he began working on his books. He recovered from COVID-19 in November 2020 while deciding it was time to get serious about publishing.


Since then, Ken is an award-winning writer of short stories. His first book, Blood Storm Retribution, will come out November 2022. In it, he delves into the time period his father had been studying for decades, the Tribulation described in John’s Revelation and other prophetic texts in the Bible.


Ken lives in southwest Missouri with his wife, Shelly, son, Hunter, and German Shepherd, Tank. He is a Christian and an active member in two writing groups. Sports are a point of great distraction, especially, the St. Louis Cardinals, college football, and the NFL draft.

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