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Blood Storm Retribution

Omega Detective: Book 1

     It is the second year of the Tribulation, and the Seal Judgments have concluded. The Four Horsemen, the Martyrs, and two earthquakes that rearranged Earth’s geography are complete. But the Sovereign, leader of the new world government, has promised that the worst is over. After sending his Peace Forces, the combined global investigative and military agency, to settle societal unrest, he is ready to bring in the final holdout into the fold, the United States of America. But the treaty to officially secure the U.S. is opposed by the Christian Resistance, who claims that the Sovereign is the foretold Antichrist, and the Head of Religion is the unholy prophet.

     Peace Forces Detective Will Thomas has been called to St. Louis by his mentor to investigate the decapitated head of an unknown victim. As a rookie on unfamiliar streets, Will finds it difficult to navigate the layers of the broken city. But this isn’t Will’s only problem. As a member of the Christian Resistance, it is his responsibility as a spy to find out the plans of the Sovereign’s raids and keep Christians away from the Head of Religion’s guillotines. With only five days before God's first trumpet judgment descends on the world, Will must find the killer while keeping Christians safe from the blade.


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